This premium quality waterproof puffer scarf has an elaborate design that makes this hat a convenient way to protect your head from cold weather, rain, wind and snow. Wear this warm shawl over your head, across your chin and cheeks, around your neck, and even over your hat for an additional layer of warmth and protection. It is super comfortable, it looks amazing with any type of clothing and can be worn in many different ways. 

  • UNIVERSAL - use it with any type of outwear
  • WARM - high quality waterproof fabric keeps you warmed, protect from rain and wind
  • NOT HAT - for those who don't like hats, but who are looking for the alternative designs to cover head, the fabric is soft and comfy to touch
  • FASHIONABLE - always look modern and stylish, streetwear trend, sport chic touch to any look

Waterproof Nylon Beige Quilted Headscarf

SKU: 2120120
Color: Beige
  • washine machine in warm water (the same as your hoodie)


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